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    燃燒器Food industry solutions燃燒器Food industry solutions
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    Food industry solutions

    Food is a necessary consumer goods for people's life. It is necessary to provide heat and essential energy for human body and protect and maintain our own health

    Industry status, policy requirements and actual demand

    Food is a necessary consumer goods for people's life. It is necessary to provide heat and essential energy for human body and protect and maintain our own health.

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the continuous upgrading of consumption, the public's demand for food consumption has changed from the pure pursuit of practical benefits to the pursuit of high quality, and the competition in the food market has gradually moved closer to meet consumer needs. The change of people's consumption concept, the industry competition is increasingly fierce.

    With the growth and concentration of the food industry in recent years, China's food industry has also faced some problems, including serious product homogenization caused by limited innovation space, low economic benefits of enterprises, insufficient deep processing capacity, insufficient resource utilization rate, etc. As an important heating equipment in food production, burners have a great impact on environmental protection and energy consumption of food production.

    Introduction of innovative solutions

    Food production process, generally need to go through the following several processes: raw material pretreatment, cooking, curing, dehydration, mixing seasoning, vacuum packaging, sterilization, metal detection, outer packaging. In this process, such as cooking, dehydration and other steps require a burner to provide heat.

    Career has entered the food heating market for decades, has cooperated with many food production enterprises, Career service team fully respect each customer's personalized needs, develop targeted product solutions.

    Zhibo scheme advantages

    On demand customization

    On demand customization

    Our solution to your needs. Leading and innovative design concept for Career burner to win the market place. Unique customized products and standard products are fully capable of meeting the needs of all customers.
    Professional solution

    Professional solution

    We have core talents specializing in burner research and development, from burner design, research and development, marketing services and professional optimization experience. Through the real case test of global customers.
    Strong adaptability

    Strong adaptability

    Career burner is widely used in the heat industry, from standard products to non-standard customization, can cope with all the harsh working conditions of the heat industry, to meet customer needs.

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