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    Chemical industry solutions

    Sustained growth since the "wto", chemical production, chemicals import average annual growth rate in the past decade has been the highest in the world, China's chemical industrial base

    Industry status, policy requirements and actual demand

    Sustained growth since the "wto", chemical production, chemicals import average annual growth rate in the past decade has been the highest in the world, China's chemical industrial base, the scale is accelerating, foreign investment into China market, speeding up the pace of China's chemical industry has entered into an omni-directional, multilevel and wide-range opening, competition and development of the new stage.

    By 2005, The output of more than ten kinds of main petrochemical products in China ranks the top in the world, among which the output of chemical fertilizer, synthetic ammonia, soda, sulfuric acid, dye, phosphate rock, synthetic fiber and rubber shoes ranks the first. Pesticide, caustic soda, tire output ranked the third in the design field; Crude oil production, synthetic monomer, synthetic glue, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber capacity and output, and some synthetic monomer capacity and output are in the forefront of the world.

    In the field of chemical industry, both developed and developing countries, the development direction of chemical energy use is to effectively meet the energy demand under the premise of reducing the total energy consumption. At present, one of the main pressures facing chemical enterprises is the cost pressure, including the cost pressure of combustion, combustion machine as an important heating equipment in the process of chemical production, energy consumption and environmental protection effect has a significant impact.

    Introduction of innovative solutions

    Chemical industry is to use more biomass particles combustion machine, general applicable to electroplating factory oven, boilers, small power station boilers, industrial furnaces, incinerator, melting furnace, die-casting machine, drying equipment, drying equipment, painting equipment, road building machinery and equipment, industrial annealing furnace, fuel, gas, large-tonnage coal-fired boilers, asphalt heating equipment such as various kinds of heat energy industry.

    Career burner products are widely used in the chemical industry, and we know all kinds of needs. We can meet the personalized needs of each customer, develop corresponding product solutions, and optimize the cost structure of customers.

    Zhibo scheme advantages

    On demand customization

    On demand customization

    Our solution to your needs. Leading and innovative design concept for Career burner to win the market place. Unique customized products and standard products are fully capable of meeting the needs of all customers.
    Professional solution

    Professional solution

    We have core talents specializing in burner research and development, from burner design, research and development, marketing services and professional optimization experience. Through the real case test of global customers.
    Strong adaptability

    Strong adaptability

    Career burner is widely used in the heat industry, from standard products to non-standard customization, can cope with all the harsh working conditions of the heat industry, to meet customer needs.

    Relevant cases

    Boiler equipment casePurpose:Boiler (heating)Related products:GX25 and GX100 mechanical modulation

    Case of waste incineration equipmentPurpose:Small incinerator (for processing all kinds of animal carcasses and feces, medical solid waste and laboratory solid waste)Related products:CX14

    Drying equipment casePurpose:Hot blast stoveRelated products:BX20

    Case of Heating EquipmentPurpose:Civil heatingRelated products:FX5

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