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                      匠心造  智未來

                      Zhibo Since

                      Delivery burner


                      Light up over

                      Since its establishment, Zhibo has always been in the "innovation", "safety", "energy saving" and other fields, forming a unique burner product characteristics and distinct brand attributes. With the "meticulous" research and development of innovative products, the "ingenuity" to improve product quality, close to customer needs, with persistent quality adherence and continuous scientific and technological innovation, to provide services for global customers.

                      Explore Zhibo

                      Focus on every step of the way

                      It is our vision for a better future and a green life. It is also our original intention since the establishment.

                      Industry innovative solutions

                      The time-tested application solution of Zhibo burner industry -- efficient, safe and clean; And actively continue to explore in the textile, food, waste treatment, drying, boiler, road engineering and other industries to bring better use experience for users, and innovation to give higher burner use value!

                      Prepare for a new future

                      Facing the future, the road will be long, but stick to our heart, down to earth, we will forge ahead! 27 years, is a growth story, is also the beginning of a legend, blueprint has been drawn, drum has been beat, in this hot industry, cast our win-win cause!

                      Trustworthy industrial chain partner

                      Zhibo always adheres to the concept of openness, cooperation and win-win, and works with industry chain partners to build a prosperous and harmonious industrial ecological environment. And through management innovation and cooperative partner development, to create sustainable development competitiveness of the industry chain.

                      • smart

                      • reliable

                      • efficient

                      • green

                      • warm


                      Insight and Sharing

                      With nearly 30 years of innovation, we invite you to see our thinking and views.

                      Every moment for the earth

                      Each beating number represents the nitrogen emissions that Zhibo customers are using burners to reduce!